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Brackley Town Council asked us to create an app that would showcase their wonderful town and the many things of interest to residents, visitors and investors.

App Features

➔ A specially customised twitter feed that only shows posts that are connected to the town!

➔ A full pictorial guide to the business in the town centre

➔ A heritage trail across the town, with links, photos, video and a library of detail son various sites.

➔ The app hosts a link to the Town Council website.

➔ A real time updating CMS that enables the owner-users to update the content at the touch of a button

➔ A geo-locating feature that notifies the user when they are near a point of interest

➔ A mapping function that allows users to plot out walks around the town

Optimal performance

The engine behind this was developed exclusively by the staff at PNB to ensure optimal performance and ease of scalability.

For example, the system allows an operator to easily add and categorise information based on real world locations, which is then pushed to partner applications for display.

Users of the partner applications can see real-time updates and can be notified when they are close to one of the information points using geo-fencing technology. The system is flexible and can accommodate a number of metadata options such as text, images, video and websites as well as social networking options, telephone numbers and email.

Download it to see it in action!

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