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PNB Mobile is a proud member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster. STC exists to help Advanced Engineering, Electronics and Software businesses in the wider geographical area surrounding Silverstone.

Its focus is:

➔ Promotion

➔ Support

➔ Thought Leadership

So when they asked us to write them an app for their annual conference, we were delighted.

Bluetooth Networking

It also gave us an opportunity to let our creative juices flow. One of the functionalities built into the app was a Bluetooth networking feature. Delegates were able to transfer business cards and contact information over local Bluetooth networking. This ensured a seamless transfer of contact data that could usefully be sent to the recipients phone for future use.

We also developed an innovative conference voting system. The concept was that delegates were given cards with a shape printed on it. Each shape had an N, S, E, and W orientation. Each direction the card was held would indicate an opinion or answer to a question. When the conference wanted to poll a room full of delegates to get feedback and responses to an idea, a question would be asked and information would be gathered from the cards. That would then be transferred into real time data and presented as a feedback graph to delegates.

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