Who We Are

PNB is a multi award-winning software development company successfully bringing content to mobile devices for more than twelve years.

We’re specialists in app, website development as well as content and promotional support. We offer a 360° consultancy with a wide range of services and a laser-like focus on customer satisfaction.

We’re not saying we’re old, but we were there at the birth of apps and smart devices… We could see that there was something rather special happening and so we started to develop apps as soon as we could! As a result, we have a considerable number of years of experience within the industry. As you would expect, we have a highly impressive and enviable track record of bringing award-winning applications to market on time and within budget.

We understand too that making an app or developing a website is so much more than just coding – it’s about people. It’s your business, it’s your ambition, it’s your future. We understand also that you don’t just want something to look amazing, you want it to sound or read well too. That’s why we offer an unrivalled content service with promotional capacity should you need it.

So, whether you know exactly what you want or actually haven’t got a clue – our friendly, skilled and helpful staff will help you get the best possible product at the best price.

The PNB difference is all down to our staff.

Remote Specialists

We are fortunate to have one of the most loyal, talented and generally wonderful development teams you could wish to meet.

With a wealth of experience in their respective fields, covering iOS, Android and Windows, right back to the days of Symbian – together our staff have over 100 years of experience. Their skill, dedication and drive help us go from strength to strength. You can be assured that whomever you speak to, whomever you work alongside, you will get the best possible service – it’s what we do.

We decided many years ago that we wanted to work differently. We wanted to think and operate differently. Shiny glass fronted offices are nice, mill conversions certainly look the part – but this isn’t the 90s. We’ve moved on from Changing Rooms. Basement gyms where only half the machines work sound good on paper but do we really need that? Sure, these places look nice in brochures, but they also tend to be stupidly expensive. From experience, our clients would rather have quality products that didn’t include a hefty tax to pay for some serviced office rent – so we made a decision – let’s do things differently. So… that’s what we did.

It’s good for us to get together from time to time, so we do have a modest office in an old hayloft! It has all of the rustic meet chic feel that people expect, it has exposed brick and a view over the countryside. Crucially, it doesn’t cost the earth! So, it’s there if we want it and not if we don’t. If we prefer to work remotely – that’s what we do. We are, in fact, remote working specialists.

When we work with you, we can ensure that we fully integrate with your operational systems, if you have them (and you want us to!). If you prefer, we can work independently, delivering a product as and when it’s ready to an agreed timescale and budget.

As remote working specialists, we offer enormous flexibility. That freedom brings savings to you. As we don’t have massive outlays in costs, we can keep our costs down. It just makes sense. It’s one reason we continue to offer the best value solutions around. With us, you get the quality of award-winning, top spec developers without the sting of an ghastly overpriced bill.

The PNB ethos is simple

PNB and our ethos

We are committed to delivering quality products on time and within budget. We also seek to build relationships that stand the test of time thanks to our exceptional levels of customer service. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in Europe as well as some of the smallest start-ups and our guiding principles have been the same every time.

We know how important your project is and what getting quality products, great service and a good price means – be it a small one-off app or a major on-going operation. From the inception, development or implementation of cutting-edge software right through to our day-to-day interactions, we deliver excellence and offer an unshakeable commitment to delivering excellent services and products time and time again. It matters to you and it matters to us. It’s because of our past experience that we know trust is at the core of all good businesses. As such, we don’t engage in ‘sales speak’, we’re just honest and open from day one. That’s why, coupled with our creativity, ingenuity and range of experiences, 95% of our work comes from recommendation.

Quality products

Exceptional customer service

Long-term Relationships

Competitive Prices

Friendly, honest, talented staff


  • Quality products
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Long-term Relationships
  • Competitive Prices
  • Friendly, honest, talented staff
  • Clarity
  • Mark

    Mark has an eclectic range of skills and experiences having worked in variety of different industries from marketing communications and business management to hospitality and campaign/events. Having spent years working as a copywriter and journalist it is no surprise that he’s the author of a best-selling book. Additionally, he’s undertaken such roles as campaign manager, marketing departmental director and communications chief. He has engaged with private and public sector organisations of all sizes, working on everything from localised events, pan-city communication campaigns through to internal communication audits. Given the outstanding range of experiences and skills gained over the years, Mark is ideally suited to help assist you and your organisation prosper.


    From a mathematical and scientific background, Phill has worked in the mobile development industry since 2000. He began his career developing for Symbian Smartphones and over time progressed to iPhone and Android handsets. As a founding director of PNB Mobile, Phill has worked closely with many high profile clients to bring their products to market including at least one number one app in the Apple App Store. Not content with building award winning apps, Phill spends his spare time building furniture in his workshop – as well as learning the piano.


    Dejan has over 25 years of professional experience in software development for various platforms and frameworks. With PNB Mobile since 2009, he has developed applications for Symbian, iPhone, Mac OSX, Android and Windows phones and other mobile devices, completing projects for some of the biggest companies in the UK like (Sky, Shazam, Motorola, Nokia) and worldwide like (Avaya, Nielsen). Fluent in over 10 programming languages, when not spending time with his family Dejan can often be found creating something exciting with code.


    Simon’s career began developing bespoke Windows and web applications for SCADA systems in 2001. This experience showed him the limitless possibilities that software and hardware could provide. As the World Wide Web matured so did his interest in server-side development. Developing applications within the finance, healthcare and agricultural sectors he was exposed to a wide range of client and service-side technologies including C# and PHP amongst many others. In 2014 he became a member of the PNB mobile team and has since worked on both Android and iOS platforms. He has a keen interest in the latest tech as well as an undiagnosed (but distinct) addiction to KickStarter’s technology projects.


    Matt has been enthusiastic about computers and emerging technology from a young age, self educating himself in many aspects, particularly web design. A degree in Marine Geography was the result of a life-long interest in Geography. Since then Matt has been working in the property industry allowing him the opportunity to rekindle his passion for web design. Now specialising in web development, logo design and brand development and awareness, Matt’s worked on various website projects to a growing and varied client base. Outside of work, he loves owning the latest gadgets, travelling, playing tennis as well as watching lots of sport.

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    Whatever your project, you can be sure it will be in safe, brilliantly creative hands at PNB Mobile.