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App Overview

PNB Mobile worked closely with ZetaSafe to build a new version of their ZetaMobile app for the iOS and Android platforms.

ZetaMobile is a user-friendly application making data collection easy. The core function enabled users to easily and accurately input test results from asset tests by allowing users to scan barcodes, input results, make comments and synchronise with the ZetaSafe system. The application was built natively in Swift and Kotlin.

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We believe the best results happen when we work alongside one another. Accordingly, PNB use the communications platform Slack to create a shared chat channel between your named PNB contact and your staff member(s). It’s something we include as a value-added service when you engage with us – whether you have Slack already or not! This shared chat channel enables the constant flow of communication between both parties. Whether it’s files, pictures, ideas or updates, the channel exists to help us keep clients up-to-date with all developments. Maybe a question occurs to you or there’s a file that needs amending – it’s all in real time, quick and slick. Our clients love being involved and in-touch and we benefit from having close and continuous access to them. It’s more efficient, productive and enjoyable!

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